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There has been a lot of talk lately about making your vote count. Some think that the way to make their vote...
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The DCRP  delegate information for candidates has been delayed due to technical issues.  We will notify you as soon as it’s available....
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Your Vote Counts
  CLICK HERE TO REMOVE YOUR NAME FROM THE CMV PETITION  Fill out a short form and then take it to your...
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We have all heard much about the cleverly named “Count My Vote” initiative. Just the name alone has attracted thousands of signatures...
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Utah Caucus Night
A Republic is a representative form of government where we send elected officials to vote in our behalf. We endeavor to elect...
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Current Events

Utah GOP Convention April 26, 2014

The 2014 Utah GOP Convention will be held at…

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Meet Our Party Officers

  • Phill Red Shirt
    Phill Wright, Chairman, Davis County Republican Party

    Phill is a resident of Bountiful, Utah. He and his wife Shaun have been married since 1982. They are the parents of seven children and six grandchildren. They have lived in Bountiful since 1997. He is an AVP with Goldenwest Credit Union, and works out of the Bountiful office. Phill is a BYU alumni, where he studied Communications and Public Relations. He is also a recently published author with his new novel series, Not Without Mercy.

  • UtahCapitalBuilding
    Do the Davis County elected State Representatives and Senators support our caucus system?

    Go to the link below to see their answers. We have included their contact information and encourage you to call them if you have questions on their stance in regard to the caucus convention system and the Count My Vote initiative. We as delegates believe in holding our elected officials accountable, this is one main purpose of a caucus system, accountability.