The DCRP Organizing Convention was a great success!

Here are the final, and official election results.

Official Results

Meet Our Party Officers

  • rob_anderson
    Rob Anderson, Chairman, Davis County Republican Party

    Rob grew up working on a family owned cattle ranch.

  • heather_zahngardner
    Heather Gardner, Vice Chair, Davis County Republican Party

    Heather Gardner is a photographer, wife, and mother. She is a former state school board candidate and was appointed in 2014 by Senator Niederhauser to the standards review committee for Fine Arts. Her past employers include the State of Utah, Franklin Covey, and Utah County. She spends time up on Capitol Hill engaged in grassroots efforts during each legislative session. Ms. Gardner’s father is a retired colonel, having served 26 years in the U.S. Army. Her late mother was a social worker and educator.

  • Utah Capitol Building
    Do the Davis County elected State Representatives and Senators support our caucus system?

    Go to the link below to see their answers. We have included their contact information and encourage you to call them if you have questions on their stance in regard to the caucus convention system and the Count My Vote initiative. We as delegates believe in holding our elected officials accountable, this is one main purpose of a caucus system, accountability.


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