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Why I Am Republican

The College Republican National Committee has put together a video outlining their views on why they are Republicans. Press play and see the powerful message the younger generation has for our elected officials. If you, a friend, or family member are in college (or will be soon), get in touch...
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2014 School Board Elections

One of the primary reasons we have partisan elections in the Caucus/Convention system is so Delegates can research the issues that are important to their neighbors, then find candidates that best represent those views for promoting to the Primary and General ballots. At the last Utah Republican Party State...
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Freedom’s Light, the annual Celebration of the Constitution

You are invited to Freedom’s Light, the annual Celebration of the Constitution! Learn about the Constitution through interactive exhibits of Ellis Island, Jamestown, Christopher Columbus, Joan of Arc, and many others. Please make sure to invite youth groups, scouts, and your friends and family! We look forward to seeing...
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