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Dad’s Garden

My Android-powered smartphone just gave me a reminder that the 2014 voter registration deadline is tomorrow, October 28th, 2014. That got me thinking…Ever since I turned 18, I’ve felt voting was a vital, integral part of our Republic. My late father, however, had long since thrown in the towel....
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The state of the Davis County Republican Party

Election season is here and the candidates that you sent to the ballot are now being voted upon to represent us for years to come. But with new legislation that may change in 2015! People in other states select their candidates at a Primary Election, then vote on them...
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2014 Proposed Constitutional Amendments

There are three proposed amendments to Utah’s Constitution that are on the ballot this year. Proposed Constitutional Amendment A Shall the Utah Constitution be amended to modify qualifications for members of the┬áState Tax Commission? Current provisions of the Utah Constitution The Utah Constitution directs the State Tax Commission to...
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